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Make The Most Of Every Advertising Dollar

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing brings you to the top of search results, instantly.

PPC advertising provides:

  • Precise Return On Investment (ROI) reporting
  • Tracking for exactly how many people see your ads, how many click them, and how many follow through with a contact form or purchase
  • Targeting for specific geographic areas or target demographics
  • Budgeting flexibility that allows you to pay only for results

PPC advertising is based on a market driven system.  The more competitive the industry, the greater the costs.  Running a successful PPC campaign requires daily bid monitoring and tuning, detailed keyword research, ongoing optimization, and industry expertise.  Just1 can help you with your PPC needs.


Tools For Tuning
Test multiple ad headlines, images, and copy
Discover niche markets for maximum impact
Eliminate under-performing campaigns
Geotarget by country, state, and city
Demographic targeting: age, gender, interests, and more
Discover the channels that reach your market best
Precise Numbers
Precise Return On Investment eliminates guesswork
Track every action that leads to a sale or lead
Always stay within your budget
Rapid Response
Ads can be deployed as soon as design is completed
Instantly adjust ad displays to match your resources
View results daily, or examine longer trends
Get Started
Free, enterprise class software with no monthly fee
Greater insight helps your business succeed
Start on the right foot with industry experts