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Getting the word out about how far Web Analytics has come, is getting easier these days. Now, with data gathered from some of the leading industry professionals, the way we think about our website, has to change. Having a brochure website that is geared toward funneling leads to your company isn't enough. Insight already exists, and Tim Ash of knows his landing pages. Turns out, Occam's Razor applies and simplicity is best. You can read more in Landing Page Optimization

How did he find many of his conclusions? By testing the layout of each webpage, his conversions for leads increased. Sometimes these increases where small, but often they added up to big changes. When customers are looking for your service, they might find you by Advertising, Organic Search Rankings, or just by luck. And the latter is not always as frequent as we would like it to be. When they do find you, creating the environment of engagement is important. They are doing you the honor of spending time viewing your business, giving them an experience of your business is how to keep them there. Bounce Rate is the way to measure time on site and determines if your customers find your site engaging. A high Bounce Rate means you are losing potential customers from many possible factors.

First, how relevant is your website to what the visitor is looking for?

This could be from non-specific or undefined advertisements, where customers arrive expecting something different. The best way to combat this problem is by synchronizing your Online Ads with clearly relevant Landing Pages, so customers can better identify ways to engage your website. Sometimes people will find your site other ways, and may be drawn to different products or services than you thought. Opening the door to finding out what customers prefer about their experience with you.

Second, my site looks great, what visual changes would make a difference?

What the customer sees has a huge impact on everything else about your website. Studies by some professionals out there like this one show how even the smallest difference makes a huge impact. Just imagine the amount of people you could reach by speaking their visual language. Pictures, headlines, featured products, and more factors all contribute to an effective Website and Landing Page.

Finally, how do I create the ideal customer experience?

Analytics and Optimizer are the solution. Google Analytics shows you the flow your customers take while dealing with your business. While Website Optimizer shows what visual experience they want online. Together, they are many more things possible.